Our Shapes


The round, or brilliant diamond shape, is the most common diamond shape. When cut according to industry-accepted standards, it displays 58 facets. A round diamond cut has a facet arrangement that radiates from the center of the stone toward the girdle. Direct derivations of this cut are the marquise, pear, heart, oval, cushion and half-moon shapes. While it is the most common shape among diamonds, it requires a very experienced cutter to achieve an excellent cut.
At Aharonoff Creations, our cutters are top rate artisans and we excel in cutting round shapes.

Pear shape

Pear shaped diamonds - also called tear-shaped diamonds - are ideal shapes for setting in earrings, studs and pendants. Some call the pear shape a hybrid cut, as it combines the best qualities of the oval and the marquise cut.
At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting pear shapes.

Marquise shape

The marquise or navette shape is an elongated, oval-like shape with pointed ends. A marquise-shaped diamonds is seldom set as a solitaire stone – but usually is part of an intricate, elegantly designed piece of jewelry where the piece's side stones protect the center marquise shape. At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting marquise shapes.

Heart shape

This is the shape that expresses the message of love most clearly, without any need for further explanations! This shape, too, is a variety on the round brilliant shape. A heart-shaped diamond is a diamond cutter's challenge. While a pinnacle of romantic expression, the shape requires excellent cutting and polishing skills. Aharonoff Creation excels in the cutting and polishing of hearts shapes.


Oval shaped diamonds are a variety of the round cut diamond. An oval-cut requires the eyes and hands of a highly skilled cutter since the stone's proportions need to be faultless to achieve the diamond's optimal brilliance. At Aharonoff Creations, we are expert in cutting ovals.


A modern version of the old mine cut, the cushion cut is a square or rectangular cut with rounded corners that like the round cut displays 58 facets. The shape's facet lay-out causes the shape to resemble a pillow shape, therefore the name cushion-cut. At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting cushion cuts.


A shape that is part of the step-cut group of diamonds, the name of this octagonal (eight-sided) cut derived from the preferred cut for the gemstone emerald which is a variety of beryl. It is one of the most classic shapes, and emerald-cut diamonds are used mostly as a center stone in rings. Aharonoff Creations holds a significant stock of matching pairs of emerald cut diamonds.
At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting emerald cuts.


The Asscher cut diamond was developed in 1902 by the famous Asscher brothers in Amsterdam. It is a square-shaped, octagonal step cut that, like the emerald cut, displays cropped corners. The cut is highly popular because it highlights the clarity of the diamond. At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting Asscher shapes.


A relatively modern shape that was invented in Israel, this square-shaped cut is often chosen to maximize a diamond's light performance and sparkle. This shape displays both step-cut facets as well as brilliant-cut facets. In larger sizes, princess-cut diamonds are popular as solitaires while in smaller sizes, this cut lends itself very well for channel settings as well as invisible settings. Aharonoff Creations holds a significant stock of matching pairs of princess cut diamonds.
At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting princess cuts.


Originally designed as a proprietary cut, the radiant cut is an alternative to the step cut emerald shape, combining the elegance of the emerald shape diamond with the brilliance of the round. It features as many as 70 facets and can be cut either in a square shape, or in a rectangular shape.  Aharonoff Creations holds a significant stock of radiant cut diamonds, both in square and rectangular shapes, as well as a choice of matching pairs. At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting radiant cuts.


A usually small, rectangular top, square step-cut diamond. Sometimes, the baguette is cut in a tapered manner and then called a tapered baguette. Baguettes and tapered baguettes are commonly used as side stones in diamond and colored gemstone jewelry pieces.At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting baguette shapes.



The term "trilliant" is the generic term used in the diamond industry for triangular, brilliant-cut diamonds. Trilliant shapes are popular as matched pairs in earrings. In smaller sizes they often serve as side stones to a larger center stone. To achieve optimal brilliance and scintillation, these shapes need to be cut to the correct depth and with perfect proportions. At Aharonoff Creations, we excel in cutting trilliant shapes.